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But the practice does reflect something that’s bugged me for a while about BuzzFeed and the Reddit-Tumblr-4chan matrix from which its list-compiling side springs: The explosion of people happily sharing images and text completely void of context. There’s a stupid disinterest in the story behind whatever shiny internet thing has gone viral now, as if knowing more would ruin the mysterious viralness of the thing. BuzzFeed has, either knowingly or accidentally, capitalized on this by obscuring the origins of its lists—both facts taken from old-school journalistic sources, and ideas found among newfangled meme-creators.

Remix Everything: BuzzFeed and the Plagiarism Problem

Yeah. I continue to be infuriated about the extreme lack of context that the vast majority of Tumblr reblogs seem to be totally cool with. Give me INFORMATION! Give me BACKGROUND! Give me a SOURCE! I don’t understand how we got so fucking lazy and uninterested about this.