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The 12 Best/Worst Celebrity Memoirs


You see what he did there? The hallmark of any great memoir title is wordplay!

Sometimes a hyphen can really make all the difference.

You see, because not only is Lance out of the band, but also….

Well, I’m certainly not creeped out by all the children on this book’s cover. THAT’S FOR SURE!

You heard the lady. Also, please have a look at the tile of her other book mentioned on the cover.

What exactly are you talking about, Todd Bridges? Read this book to find out!

We get it, Regis. You’re in demand! Or you were around the time “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” came out.

I know we’re not done with the list yet. But, this is the best title.

Literally everyone gets to write a memoir.

Like, literally everyone.

Even people who are made up.

Of all the books featured in this blog post, this is the one I am most likely to read. Having said that, there is no way I am going to read any of the books featured in this blog post.


Also the Colonel Sanders one is perfect.