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CONAN O’BRIEN: Amy Poehler first popped for us [on Late Night] because someone had the idea for a character who’s a huge, over-the-top Conan fan who has a mouth retainer. The piece would always go the same way: She would be over–the-top, and then I’d finally say, “I’m too old for you,” and suddenly, her whole demeanor would change, just like a cloud would pass over her face, and then she would become demonically angry and rage at me [laughs.]. It’s a funny idea, but it’s all in the performance. And Amy would absolutely destroy it every time. She was completely unknown—she didn’t have the benefit of the crowd saying, “Hey, look, it’s Amy Poehler.” But she hit it out of the park every time.

I so remember this character, but I so did not realize it was Amy!

A thing that makes me laugh EVERY TIME is when Amy raises her voice, making it gravelly and super-intense. Like in this. And probably every episode of the UCB TV show. Much less often now on Parks & Rec, but I hear it come back every once in a while.

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shygirl364: Conan Drops Trou and Flashes Buffalo Bruise [Video]

ow ow ow ow

Poor Coco!

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Conan O’Brien Producing Pete Holmes Late-Night Show for TBS | Vulture






Oh crap! This is fantastic! Go Pete!